The ATV Retransmission Advantage

       ATV knows how to maximize revenue
       ATV knows how to maximize reach
       ATV is recognized as THE Retransmission Experts
       More than 30 Consecutive Years of Broadcast and Cable Expertise
       A front line team with more than a Century‚Äôs worth of Experience
Retransmission Consent revenue has become a line item on the Corporate Budgets of TV Stations and Groups throughout the USA. Its importance cannot be understated. ATV provides a valuable advantage by handling the complexities of station distribution, while allowing managers to keep their eyes on the primary business without missing a beat.
ATV Broadcast uses a business approach to negotiate great carriage agreements while keeping the distributors ready for new business ventures such as Multicast networks and mobile TV.
And with ATV, you know it will be done right. Our expert team will build the agreements, negotiate the deals, and follow through on the implementation with minimal legal expense.