Retransmission Consent

Crisis Management


ATV is there for our clients if things get tough. As hard as we try, not all retransmission consent negotiations go smoothly. Occasionally, ATV has recommended, or a client has asked us to take a hard position. We have been through down-to-the-wire negotiations when there is a lot on the line. And, yes, we've guided clients through times no broadcaster wants to see - when their signal has to come off of a cable system before a final carriage resolution is reached.

In the event the station has no choice but to take their signal off of a system, ATV will support the station's position with talking points for the press, a script for the station's web site, and will continue dialog with the cable companies involved. We know the players in the market and we keep our clients completely informed of what we hear in the field. We know how to nuance the negotiation, when to stand firm, and how to get to closure. Our success comes from constant attention and endurance.

Over the past three decades, ATV has dealt with many, many unique and challenging situations. Since the inception of the 1992 Cable Act, we have worked with hundreds of television stations and have been responsible for thousands of successful retransmission consent agreements. Our track record is superb. ATV can create an answer to every stance taken by the Multiple Video Programming Distributor (MVPD.)

Beyond contract negotiation, there are other times when our clients rely upon us to quickly resolve a crisis situation. We’ve stepped in when a client’s transmitter was down to facilitate a temporary agreement allowing local cable operators to carry a distant network signal.

Our first goal is always to help our clients avoid any problems with their distribution. But if they ever find themselves in a sticky situation, they feel assured that ATV is the right team to have in their corner.


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