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This is the essential  tool your sales team needs.

Since 1990, THE MEDIACENTER has been producing ad sales tools specifically for the television/media industry. A lot has changed over the past 20 years or so, and we’ve worked hard to meet the new demands of the media world. Working in advertising, AEs have always had to stay on their toes, be persistent, and think creatively, but today’s media landscape has made the job tougher than ever. AEs now face a more expansive role: that of media consultant.

Today’s television-centered ad campaigns integrate a range of media, including social and digital platforms, promotions, and cross-industry partnerships. It takes a lot of time to research various industries, prepare presentations, and develop commercial ideas and storyboards. THE MEDIACENTER does a lot of the heavy lifting, leaving your team more time to spend in the field.

THE MEDIACENTER provides unique insight and ideas for how to tap into your team's full potential so you can maximize your return on investment. We have various tools in each content area on our site, ranging from our Business Profiler industry reports and PowerPoint presentations to our commercial library and sales training modules.


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