Retransmission Consent

Multicast Content

Many television stations have already taken advantage of the opportunity to become multichannel broadcasters. Other stations are just now installing or planning to install the necessary equipment to use their full 19.4 Mbps digital spectrum. We believe that multicasting is a tremendous opportunity for broadcasters to create new revenue streams. True, multicast is in a very early stage, but multicast revenue will certainly grow into an important part of a station's overall revenue.

ATV created some of the first and most comprehensive retransmission agreements that included carriage of broadcaster's multicast channels. We make sure that our client's cable, telco and satellite agreements stipulate that all of their multicast channels will be rebroadcast by the systems operator. At present, DirecTV and Dish don't have the capacity to include multicast channels as part of their "local-in-local" service, but we anticipate this happening within the next cycle of retransmission consent. We are determined to make certain that our client's agreements enable this opportunity when the satellite bandwidth is available.

We have successfully negotiated full carriage of broadcast signals PLUS cash for carriage. The approach on multicast does not have to be an "either/or" proposition. There is specific language that must be incorporated into a retransmission consent agreements to assure that a station has maximum flexibility regarding their multicast programming options.

Most broadcasters are managing their digital spectrum so that they can transmit one high-definition primary signal and up to three standard definition multicast channels. There are several third-party multicast networks offering 24/7 content for broadcasters. Again, ATV understands, and is able to provise the contract language needed for multicast carriage agreements with these third-party providers.

Because we've written hundreds of retransmission consent agreements that incorporate full multicast carriage, we know the contract language that works best for broadcasters. When ATV creates multicast carriage agreements and retransmission consent agreements, our clients can be sure of two things: 1) they will get full carriage of their 19.4 Mbps digital spectrum, 2) they won't overlook any critical deal points, and 3) they will save thousands of dollars in legal fees by letting us do the basic agreement before their counsel reviews all documents.

ATV is the multicast expert! We can answer any questions a broadcaster may have about how to get their station into multichannel broadcasting.


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