ATV Retransmission Services

ATV is a "one-stop shop" for everything that impacts the value of your signal.

ATV provides a wide range of services for our clients based on their specific needs. In a way, we're a kind of 'turnaround expert' in that we specialize in 'before and after' results. At the outset of any client relationship, we learn what has been done, what hasn't been done, and then create a plan for what needs to be done.
That way, our clients can concentrate on their core business while we use our extensive industry relationships - and persuasive tactics - to optimize results. We keep our clients directly involved - but much more efficiently than trying to manage these relationships in-house. The ATV team collaborates with station and group management to identify priorities. Then we methodically push that agenda forward until we achieve those goals.
Without a doubt, retransmission consent is at the top of this agenda, and ATV can manage every aspect of the retransmission consent election process and negotiations ...Read More
ATV created some of the first and most comprehensive retransmission agreements for our clients that included full carriage of their 19.4 Mbps signal, including multicast channels. We know that multicast is extremely important, and a huge part of the value of our client's 'digital real estate' ...Read More
ATV Digital Marketplace
We bring our clients a variety of content solutions for their digital spectrum, including multicast programming. ATV is always looking for new applications, new technologies, and new sources of content for Internet and multicast that can create new revenue streams for our clients that use the best practice applications, that push multi-platform success, and have business models that focus on ROI ...Read More
Crisis Management 
When necessary, ATV has lead our clients through very difficult situations - and we've won those battles. We create an important buffer between the station and the companies that carry their signals ...Read More
ATV Compliments Your Legal Team
We’re not lawyers, but we know how to craft the language broadcasters need in their carriage contracts ...Read More 
Signal Management 
ATV makes certain that our client's stations have asserted all of their rights to invoke protection through network non-duplication and syndex ...Read More