Retransmission Consent

Signal Management

Working within a station's 60-day window of rights, ATV is able to provide help to our clients through the process of invoking both network non-duplication and Syndex.

Network Non-Duplication

Network non-duplication provides protection to a station against distant signals that may be imported from another market and infringe on their rights as a network affiliate. ATV takes a proactive approach to network non-duplication, generating letters to cable and telco system operators who are already carrying or may consider carrying distant signals. Invoking network non-duplication protection requires these operators to black out any network programming that would be duplicated. This service also applies to Syndicated Exclusivity Protection without expensive legal fees.

Syndex Protection

Syndex protects a station's syndicated programming in a similar way that network non-duplication protects their network programming. Invoking Syndex protection protects the station's valuable syndicated programming from distant signals which include those programs. It prevents viewers from watching those syndicated shows on another station that is viewed on cable and telco systems in their market.


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